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2016 Festival Winners

Congratulations to the 2016 Tallgrass Film Festival Award Winners!

  • Golden Garbanzo for Wichita's Best Hummus: Bella Luna Cafe
  • Venus Award for the Teddie Barlow Outstanding Female Filmmaker: Anne Fontaine of Les Innocentes

Student Films

  • Best Emerging Student - Award (Documentary): The Puppet Lady, directed by Kate Gondwe
  • Best Emerging Student Award (Narrative): Two Far Gone, directed by Andrew Kivett

Kansas Films

  • Best Kansas Short Film Award (Documentary): Ace - The Gas Station Cowboy, directed by Evan Senn, Ken Pugh
  • Best Kansas Short Film Award (Narrative): Off Track Betty, directed by Clayton Dean Smith of Shawnee Mission, KS

Golden Strands Programming Awards

  • Outstanding Rising Star Recipient, Alex Shaffer Delinquent
  • Outstanding Male Actor: Chen Gang, Old Stone 
  • Outstanding Female Actor: Lucy Walters, Here Alone
  • Outstanding Ensemble Cast: Bender, directed by John Alexander
  • Outstanding Cinematography: Diverge, directed by James Morrison
  • Excellence in the Art of Filmmaking: Driftwood, directed by Paul Taylor
  • Outstanding Courage in Filmmaking: Jackson, directed by Maisie Crow
  • Outstanding First Feature: Creedmoria, directed by Alicia Slimmer
  • Outstanding Animated Film: TOWER - Documentary directed by Keith Maitland
  • Outstanding Documentary Short Film: The Radical Jew, directed by Noam Osband 
  • Outstanding Narrative Short Film: AVO, directed by Golnaz Jamsheed
  • Outstanding Documentary Feature: Santoalla, directed by Andrew Becker and Daniel Mehrer
  • Outstanding Narrative Feature: The Brand New Testament, directed by Jaco Van Dormael

Vimeo Audience Awards