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Filmmakers & Guests

The following filmmakers and industry guests are scheduled to attend the 15th annual Tallgrass Film Festival. Check back often for updates. 

2017 Ad Astra Honoree

  • Rose McGowan, Actress/Director, DAWN, PLANET TERROR

2017 L.M. Kit Carson Storytelling Honoree 

  • Lary Gross, 48 HOURS

2017 Filmmaker Advisory Board

  • Ryland Aldrich
  • Dorie Barton
  • Beth Dewey
  • Jeff Grace
  • Noah Lang
  • Alex Megaro
  • David Ninh
  • Levi Smock

2017 Stubbornly Independent Jurors

  • Rebecca Celli, Cargo Releasing
  • Jeffrey Winter, Film Collaborative

2017 Feature Filmmakers

  • Nicholas Agnew, Director, SEAT 25
  • Ben Barrett, Writer/Actor, BADSVILLE
  • Shaz Bennett, Director, ALASKA IS A DRAG
  • Robin Berghaus, Director, STUMPED
  • Jas Boothe, Subject, SERVED LIKE A GIRL
  • Skye Borgman, Director/Producer/DP, FOREVER “B”
  • Jameson Brooks, Co-Writer/Director, BOMB CITY
  • John Charles Meyer, Producer, DAVE MADE A MAZE
  • Sheldon Chick, Co-Writer/Music, BOMB CITY
  • Dustin Cook, Writer/Director/Producer, I HATE THE MAN IN MY BASEMENT
  • Jennifer Cook, Wardrobe, I HATE THE MAN IN MY BASEMENT
  • Madeleine Cooke, Co-Producer/Actress, SEAT 25
  • Major Dodge, Executive Producer/Producer, BOMB CITY
  • Michael A. Draper, Executive Producer, OLYMPIC PRIDE, AMERICAN PREJUDICE
  • Deborah Riley Draper, Writer/Director/Producer, OLYMPIC PRIDE, AMERICAN PREJUDICE
  • Brian Elliott, Writer/Producer, BLUR CIRCLE
  • Michael Ferrell, Writer/Director, LAURA GETS A CAT
  • Madeleine Gavin, Director, CITY OF JOY
  • Lysa Heslov, Director, SERVED LIKE A GIRL
  • Aaron Horton, Producer, BLACK COP
  • Milton Katz, Author, FAST BREAK
  • Jane Kelly Kosek, Producer, 20 WEEKS
  • Emily Kincaid, Producer, FOREVER "B"
  • Christopher Marquette, Actor, I HATE THE MAN IN MY BASEMENT
  • Simone Nortmann, Actress, FOR THE BIRDS
  • Leena Pedharkar, Writer/Director, 20 WEEKS
  • David J. Phillips, Producer, BADSVILLE
  • Natalia Pleshivtsa, Editor, ANGELS OF THE SKY
  • Chris Prine, Actor, LAURA GETS A CAT
  • Chris Renteria, Producer,  WHOSE STREETS?
  • Michael Rubinstone, Director/Producer: ON THE SLY: IN SEARCH OF THE FAMILY STONE
  • Devin Sanchez, Actor, LAURA GETS A CAT
  • Logan Sparks, Writer, LUCKY
  • Marissa Strock, Subject, SERVED LIKE A GIRL
  • Drago Sumonia, Co-Writer, LUCKY
  • Tim Theron, Producer, HUNTING EMMA
  • Stephanie Tobey, Producer, FOREVER "B"
  • Scott Unruh, Producer, FAST BREAK
  • Cobus van den Berg, Producer, HUNTING EMMA
  • Neels van Jaarsveld, Actor, FOR THE BIRDS, HUNTING EMMA

2017 Short Filmmakers

  • Justin Johnson, Director, ABBY THE SPOON LADY
  • David Johnson, Director, 29 YEARS (A JOURNEY TO RESTORE HOPE IN MYANMAR)
  • Ida Theresa Myklebost, Director, UNWELCOME
  • Krista Gano, Director, DIME SHORT
  • Laura Carson, Writer & Actor, DIME SHORT
  • Yasmin Mistry, Director, FAMILY REWRITTEN
  • Deborah Pearl, Director, GETTING ED LAID
  • Jordan Haro, Director, GOODBYE OLD GLORY
  • Austin Kase, Director, ANOTHER GIRL
  • Geoff Marslett, Director, THE DAY BEFORE
  • Edward Lyons, Director, ALFRED J HEMLOCK
  • Melissa Lyons, Producer & Writer, ALFRED J HEMLOCK
  • Youssef Ouarrak, Director, SQUARE ROOT
  • Patrick Clement, Director, RABBITS
  • Alanna Goodman, Producer, RABBITS
  • Tyler Doehring, Director, SATORI
  • Eric Hyde, Director, FROM ASHES TO IMMORTALITY
  • Connie Jo Sechrist, Actress, REAL ARTISTS
  • Brett Jones, Director, LIFE'S A MURDER
  • Melissa Hart, Producer, LIFE'S A MURDER
  • Jordan Horsch, Director, CECILIA
  • Blaise Webster, Director, BIRTH OF A FILMMAKER
  • Andrew Kivett, Director, REVERSE
  • Taylan Huslig, Director, CHASING FANTASY
  • Cole Campbell, Director, SLEEP PARALYSIS
  • Cameron Lawrence, Director, SLEEP PARALYSIS
  • Nate Jones, Director, POTBOILER
  • Roy Nugen, Writer, POTBOILER
  • Ellen Crispin, Director, CHILD LOST
  • Torin Anderson, Producer, CHILD LOST
  • Matthew Crawford, Director, THE IMMERSIVE EXPERIENCE
  • Jimmy Nguyen, Director, THE IMMERSIVE EXPERIENCE
  • Jackson Laurie, Director, BOOK CLUB 
  • Joey Kate Laurie, Producer, BOOK CLUB
  • Kyle Solomon, Director, THE VOICEMAIL
  • Mike Stephen, Director, ONE KRAZY COYOTE CALLER
  • Lauren Savolt, Actor, ALL THE MARBLES
  • Laura Kirk, Actor, THE VETTING
  • Matthew Dunehoo, Director, THE VETTING
  • Savannah Rodgers, Director, DRAGTIVISTS & FOR SALE
  • Hunter Harding, Director, FIREDANCE
  • Jake Fisher, Producer, WEDLOCK DEADLOCK
  • Landon Barton, Director, WEDLOCK DEADLOCK
  • Kaye Barton, Writer, WEDLOCK DEADLOCK
  • Jeff Brown, Actor, WELOCK DEADLOCK

Special Guests

  • Christina Campagnola, smART Studio Host
  • Amy Nicholson, Film Critic and Host of The Cannon
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