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Off-Screen Events

Music at the Festival

Tallgrass is proud to showcase these local and regional acts as part of the festival's entertainment lineup. VIP TALLPass holders have access to all musicians. Tallgrass at Barleycorn's is open to the public.

Live Music by Jenny Wood Band. Free for TALLPass holders.
$5 with any 2016 Tallgrass ticket stub. $7 GA. Open to the public.  

And catch these other acts at various festival events (Sponsor, TALLPass or Filmmaker Pass may be required) :

The Caaves

What this Wichita 4-tet lack in age they more than make up for in talent and enthusiasm. The Cavves who begin in 2015 are the Kansas indie- surf wave of the future. These high school rockers blend elements of up beat, reverberated wash placed skillfully beneath layers of vocal harmonies provided by Sophie Emerson (guitar/vocals) and Troy Toon (bass/vocals). 

The Comfort Revue

The members of The Comfort Revue have a rock and roll rap-sheet miles long. Though some of their previous outfits leaned toward a harder rock sound, The Comfort Revue take that intense energy and technicality, and pour it over 2 cubes of ice and let it breathe. The result creates a smooth and savory rock, soul, and R&B set a that’ll leave you and the rest of the dance floor thirsty. 

Crisis Casanova

The original compositions of Crisis Casanova could only be orchestrated from the heart. Brenna Beeson's Classical and Jazz influence meshing with Cecilia Raheb's Americana-Gypsy style transcends genre norms. This pair bounce from keyboard to trumpet; guitar to bass while singing tunes that will charm all of your socks off.

DJ Carbon

One of the most noted hip-hop deejay’s in thy city, DJ Carbon’s name is synonymous with a good time. Often every where you want to be, DJ Carbon takes a club style and refines it with tastemaker brilliance, ably sampling more off the beaten path artist and effortless combining them with notable dance floor heavy hitters. More than a beat reassembler, DJ Carbon often collaborates with bands and musicians live, turning old favorites into new anthems.

DJ Panda

Tony Vu, aka DJ Panda, like his namesake can be cute and cuddly, but WATCH OUT! His beats are vicious! The DJ is a night life club staple for his innate ability to conjure the right blends of pop and hip- hop to get even the most reluctant dancefloor on the move. For hard pounding and heart pounding dance tracks, look no further than DJ Panda. 

Fool News

Don’t let Noah Starks’ boyish grin and playful delivery deceive you. As rapper, Fool News, he has much wisdom to share. The lyricist and producer incorporates both wit and philosophy with masterful wordplay. The young upstart’s first independent full length album, Fools Gold, is as introspective as it is uplifting much like Fool News’ live performances, like his recent Wichita River Festival appearance. 

Ginger & Lanky

The duo of Ginger & Lanky may be familiar to local and regional blues fans. Feet stop when their operators hear the soulful moans of Ginger, Lalanea Chastain as they are carried over technically textual sound waves crated by Lanky, Alex Nordine. When the stars align they're joined by their star packed full lineup in Bad Mother Hubbard.

Llew Brown Band

At age 11, Llew Brown started playing drums in his fathers band and his country music theatre, Bill Brown's Oklahoma Jubilee in Shidler Oklahoma. A little over 20 years late, Llew Brown Band was born. The band rocks parties and events all over tornado alley with a set that covers pop, country and 80's-80's rock, something for every listener. 

Jim Vegas

Jim Vegas is a long standing staple of the Tallgrass Film Festival and the light a the end of the swinging blues/rock tunnel. The classical trained Colorado howler, real name Brad Conner, awakes on the stage as Jim Vegas, offering elements of all things rock, blues and then some. 

Jenny Wood

Jenny Wood is often recognized as one of the stronger voices among Midwestern songwriters. Her current outfit Jenny Wood Band carves out beautifully lush backbeats that pair nicely with the Wood’s haunting coo’s and powerful shouts.