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Off-Screen Events

Classroom At The Lux | 120 E. First Street

Sponsored by: Kaye & Floyd Gruver

Admission for all educational programs is FREE and open to the public. All creatives are encouraged to attend.

Panel discussions are free and open to the public and take place at the Wichita Public Library - Downtown.

smART Studio

TFA celebrates Wichita’s entrepreneurial spirit with SmART Studio, which takes place during the 15th annual Tallgrass Film Festival and encompasses creative and educational programming for filmmakers, creators and entrepreneurs alike. What tips and strategies can we gather and share across creative disciplines that will make us smarter before embarking on an entrepreneurial journey?

Using independent filmmaking (one of the truest forms of entrepreneurship) as the primary example, panelists will discuss taking a creative idea from start to finish. With advice from seasoned filmmakers, and local entrepreneurs, the three town hall style discussions will include: Act I: The Thinking Phase, Act 2: The Doing Phase, and Act 3: The Growing Phase.

The shared ideation between innovative thinkers and doers will allow attendees to walk away with tangible information that can be applied to the creative process of filmmaking or to any entrepreneurial pursuit.

SmART Studio will be moderated by Christina Campagnola, an Independent Film Packaging and Sales Agent at the Agency for the Performing Arts in Los Angeles, a graduate of Florida State University and a 2009 graduate of Kapaun Mt. Carmel High School.

Check back soon for a full list of creative participants!

ACT I | THE THINKING PHASE: Getting Your Project Off the Ground
SAT. OCT. 21 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM
This session examines how to develop and understand your idea, form messaging, manage expectations and raise funds. 
With FAB Members: David Ninh (Kickstarter), Jeff Grace (Folk Hero & Funny Guy), Levi Smock (Delinquent), Ryland Aldrich (Folk Hero & Funny Guy),
Community Entrepreneurs: Adam Hartke (Barleycorn’s) 

ACT II | THE DOING PHASE: Honing Your Craft
SAT. OCT. 21 2:00 AM - 3:30 PM
In Act II, we’ll discuss project management including the importance of building relationships, being flexible, and quality control.
With FAB Members: Ryland Aldrich (Folk Hero & Funny Guy), Alex Megaro (Driftwood), Noah Lang (Here Alone), Jeff Grace (Folk Hero & Funny Guy)
Community Entrepreneurs: Janelle King (The Workroom), Kristin Beal (Harvester Arts)

ACT III | THE GROWING PHASE: Spread the Wealth
SUN. OCT. 22 1:30 PM - 3:00 PM
The final act of smART Studio covers marketing, publicity, picking your battles and maintaining your success.
With FAB Members: Beth Dewey (Erasing Eden), Dorie Barton (Girl Flu), Ryland Aldrich (Folk Hero & Funny Guy), David Ninh (Kickstarter), Jeff Grace (Folk Hero & Funny Guy)
Community Entrepreneurs: Elizabeth Stevenson (Fisch Haus) Kate Van Steenhuyse (Harvester Arts), Ryan Gates (Harvester Arts)

SUN. OCT. 22 4:00 - 5:00 PM
Break-Out Groups led by visiting filmmakers and local creatives who will critique story/idea pitches and share their expertise on the art of the sell.
With FAB Members: Beth Dewey, Dorie Barton, Levi Smock, Ryland Aldrich, Jeff Grace, Noah Lang, David Ninh, Alex Megaro


Meet the Filmmakers
FRI. OCT. 20 3:30 - 5:00 PM
Get to know the Tallgrass Filmmakers Class of 2017. Hosted by the 2017 Filmmaker Advisory Board 

She Persisted: Feminism In Front of And Behind The Camera
SAT. OCT. 21 4:00 - 5:30 PM
Join Visitng Female Filmmakers and Female Filmmakers of Wichita for a frank conversation about how women are inspiring each other to share their stories through the artistic medium of filmmaking. 


FRI. OCT. 20 11:30 AM | LIBRARY | Wichita Public Library BIG READ
In cooperation with the Wichita Public Library 2017 BIG READ program, locals who work with incoming refugee will discuss the status of Wichita's newest residents.

FRI. OCT. 20 5:00 PM | LIBRARY | Wichita Public Library CANDID CONVERSATIONS
Immediately following the film, FOR AHKEEM, film producers and directors will discuss how filmmakers have contributed and can be instrumental to the Black Lives Matter cause. Sponsored by the Wichita Public Library as part of their Candid Conversations Series.