2016 Festival Information
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Q. Whom do I contact if I need an expert or want to do a story about Tallgrass Film Association?

A. Tallgrass Film Association has an excellent network of industry sources and will do our best to connect you with the proper person. Contact (316) 303-9292 or info@tallgrassfilmfest.com.

Q. Whom do I contact for official Tallgrass Film Association responses and quotes?

A. For official responses from Tallgrass Film Assocation, contact (316) 303-9292 or info@tallgrassfilmfest.com.

Q. How do I contact a member of Tallgrass Film Association to speak at my event?

A. We’re always honored to be asked to attend local and industry events. Of course, as much advance notice as possible is requested so we can schedule the best person to attend. Please email info@tallgrassfilmfest.com.

Q: I am a journalist who wants to cover the Tallgrass Film Festival.
What do I do?

A: Online accreditation for the Tallgrass Film Festival is currently open; the deadline to apply for a TFF Press Pass is October 8, 2013. If you are a journalist who has not previously covered the Festival, you will be required to submit an assignment letter as well as samples of coverage. We review every complete application if received by the deadline; no preference is given to those who apply early. We will notify applicants within a week of receiving your application, although we can’t guarantee all applicants will receive accreditation.

For any questions please contact: press@tallgrassfilmfest.com.