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Straight From the Mouths of Filmmakers

"I have to recommend that all filmmakers on the festival circuit run, don't walk, to submit a film to Tallgrass. The staff at the Tallgrass Film Festival  is not only kind and welcoming to filmakers, but also extremely well organized and efficient with each presentations. And what a surprise and delight to have a film screened in Wichita, where the Festival crew is tight with the creative community at large, and connects with a population that is both knowledgeable and passionate about film. I've shown my films in many places, but screening with Tallgrass was the most fun and rewarding experience I've ever had."- Kerry Candaele, Director, Following The Ninth: In The Footsteps of Beethoven's Final Symphony

"I wanted to write you a note to say THANK YOU one last time for your incredible hospitality at the Tallgrass Film Festival this weekend. I had an amazing time and met so many wonderful filmmakers and saw some incredible films that I hadn't been able to see anywhere else. I've heard from a few of the friends that I made that collaborations are already brewing, and we all agree that Tallgrass is one of our favorite film festivals that we have been to throughout the whole festival circuit, which I think is due in large part to your hard work and incredible hosting of all of us filmmakers. It made the experience very special and really helped us to bond."  – Merete Meuller, Director TINY

"Tallgrass Film Festival was a remarkable experience from beginning to end. A diverse program of excellent films, a weekend of kick-ass parties, deeply engaged audiences and humbling Kansan hospitality all combines to make it one of the best experiences I've had a festival. Can't recommend it enough!" – Sarah Stuteville, Producer, BARZAN

"Thank you, thank you, thank you for hosting Forev at this year's fest! Not only was participating in Tallgrass a total blast, it was a genuinely rewarding experience from beginning to end. Y'all know how to do it right, putting on one hell of a festival with the most welcoming and passionate people.  The movies were great, the events were planned so well, and those old theaters are intimidatingly beautiful, but more than anything we appreciate the atmosphere you guys created. Everything felt completely organized but relaxed at the same time, and we got the feeling that the whole city was happy to have us. We'll keep you posted on Forev news, for sure -- we need to make another movie just to get back there." – James Leffler, Co-Director FOREV

"This 'small' festival is the most exquisite I've attended: the quality of the films chosen; the warmth and depth of the genuine hospitality we experienced; and the passion of the organizers and their team was stunning. Thank you TALLGRASS !!!!" – Paul Saltzman, Director, THE LAST WHITE KNIGHT

"Just wanted to say thanks again for making Far Out the closing night Gala film. The film has been on a wild ride the last 13 months but ending our festival and theatrical run in Wichita will forever be special." – Brad Bernstein, Director, FAR OUT ISN’T FAR ENOUGH

"I can't express how great it was to come to Tallgrass, thank you so much for the opportunity.  I had an absolute blast getting to know you and the rest of the Tallgrass community, meeting some Wichitans, and connecting with the other filmmakers who were invited.  I've already been spreading the word around Toronto about what a great festival you're putting on down there...And I loved your programming, every single movie I saw was fantastic (Blackfish, God Loves Uganda, I Am Divine, Worm, Pulp Fiction and Airplane!).  The 35mm movies were especially wonderful to see, and The Orpheum is an incredible venue. – Jason Lapeyre, Director, I DECLARE WAR

"I just want to let you know what a fantastic experience Tallgrass was,and to thank you all for your hospitality and professionalism.  You guys really know how to do it! It was such an honor to have Doris screen at the opening gala and as she continues her festival run I will be singing the praises of Tallgrass and its friendly and welcoming team of staff and volunteers with other filmmakers along the way." – Matthew Pond, THE LIFE AND CRIMES OF DORIS PAYNE

"In short, my experience at Tallgrass was really quite unique and distinctive from several other festivals I have attended as both a filmmaker with a film screening and as an industry rep or audience member. There's a connectivity between filmmaker, community and audience forged over those fest days that is at once very genuine, enthusiastic and well coordinated. It is not just a film festival. It is a way of seeing the world. Everything from a schedule that embraces arts advocacy and spotlights arts education  and creativity, to the gatherings we enjoyed carefully crafted with such style and ingenuity, was  incredibly cool and life affirming. I am not sure where else I will be lucky enough to experience such collaboration and enthusiasm shared among filmmakers, filmgoers and arts supporters for what you are doing at Tallgrass. I think you have definitely lived more than lived up to the tagline "stubbornly independent" and in my mind now, Tallgrass is a brand that means the art of filmmaking (and celebrating films) has found a vital ally in America's heartland." – Karen Whitehead, Director, HER AIM IS TRUE

“The experiences I've shared at Tallgrass created some of the best memories of any film festival I've attended... The staff, hospitality and filmmakers they invited were outstanding. As a Wichita native and long-time fan of the festival, many of my friends and family have moved out of town over the years, but Tallgrass and the community of artists it has supported will continue to be a reason to visit home.” – Danny Roew, Director, SHOTGUN WEDDING

"I can't tell you how nice it was to be at Tallgrass. From the great screening set ups, to the fantastic staff and volunteers, to the rockin Filmmaker lounge (that DJ was amazing.) it was such a friendly fun environment, we didn't want to leave." - Amy Nicholson, Director, ZIPPER: CONEY ISLAND'S LAST WILD RIDE

"I just wanted to say thanks again for having me down this year, it really was such a blast.  I got to see four films, which can be tough when trying to get to all your own screenings, but it worked out really well.  Made some great friends (I'm actually getting together with Amy Nicholson of Zipper tonight and going to a screening in Brooklyn, and seeing Blayne Weaver next week to catch Favor again, right down the street from where I live!).  It was so nice to meet everyone, what a warm and enjoyable welcome you gave us all.  I'll definitely be submitting  films to the festival next year." - Sean Lyness, Assistant Editor, GOD LOVES UGANDA

"As a native of Wichita and current resident of Los Angeles, I was honored to be a part of Tallgrass. This festival made it easy to be proud of my home town! They successfully placed fine cuisine, Midwest charm, impeccable talent and film advocates under one roof. And the VIP lounge ... five stars. Seriously. Don't miss out on the chance to meet great people, eat amazing food and watch brilliant films from around the world. You won't regret it." - Krysta Masciale, Big Deal Branding

What they're saying about Tallgrass X

“It was an honor and a pleasure to exhibit Year of the Living Dead at the 2012 Tallgrass Film Festival. We deeply appreciated the Wichita community's enthusiastic response to our film. We were also impressed by the artistic quality of all of Tallgrass's film selections and we loved the venues where the screenings took place. Thank you for an amazing festival experience!” – Esther Cassidy, Producer, BIRTH OF THE LIVING DEAD

"The Tallgrass Film Festival is on a whole other level. From the amount of detail they put into their film selections, to getting the community to come out in droves to the screenings and parties, the festival staff and volunteers are experts at what they do. As a filmmaker, I couldn't feel like I was in better hands, it was a true celebration of independent films." – Cassie Jaye, Director, RIGHT TO LOVE: AN AMERICAN FAMILY

“The programming, venues and hospitality are top notch and the audiences are hungry for independent films. We were overwhelmed by the reception of our film and the crowds were swarming at every screening. With such a strong community I imagine Tallgrass will grow exponentially every year and I am excited to follow its growth.” – Ken J. Adachi, Director, DEAD DAD

"We had our world premiere for "Year of the Living Dead" at the Tallgrass Film Festival and had a wonderful experience.  I was hugely impressed by the programmers and staff for the care, passion and smarts they put into their festival.  It's clearly their love of movies that fuels this passion. As a filmmaker, I really appreciated this.  Thank you, Tallgrass!  I hope to come back soon! - Rob Kuhns, Producer/Director/Editor, BIRTH OF THE LIVING DEAD

"Tallgrass Film Festival was amazing. It is evident the organizers and volunteers truly love film and do everything in their power to make the screenings wonderful experiences and roll out the "green" carpets for visiting filmmakers! But my favorite thing? The Wichita audience. It was an honor and I'm definitely coming back." - Alonso Mayo - Writer/Director, THE STORY OF LUKE

"I love Tallgrass and want an excuse to be there every year...so I will keep making films, I guess…Tallgrass is one of my favorite film festivals. It's so rare to get a festival that is so supportive and that brings together an entire community. Great screenings, supportive audiences, wonderful parties, the best people and the sense that the whole city of Wichita is a part of the festival.” – Ishai Setton, Director, THE KITCHEN

"I have screened my Documentary, THE WRECKING CREW, in over 50 festivals around the world; from SXSW to Barcelona, Spain.  In my heart, pound for pound, The Tallgrass Film Festival blows so many other festivals away.  In some festivals, the festival is the 'star' and the egos go with it.  But in Tallgrass, they make every filmmaker feel special no matter how big or small their films are".  Do not underestimate the power of Tallgrass"  - Denny Tedesco, Director, THE WRECKING CREW

"Tallgrass is an extremely well-organized festival and a total-blast to attend. The programming was awesome, and I was able meet a bunch of talented filmmakers." - Lee Gillentine, Producer, THINGS I DON'T UNDERSTAND

"What an absolute pleasure to attend the Tallgrass Film Festival. Lela and her incredible staff and volunteers exude a dedication and enthusiasm that is warm and welcoming to both visiting filmmakers and the local community. Attending filmmakers are well-rewarded with a bountiful experience as well the opportunity to engage with a vibrant, thoughtful, supportive community. Thank you for the generosity and care you all put in to creating a great experience for your filmmakers!" - Stephanie Riggs, Director, THE STANDBYS

"The Tallgrass Film Festival was a fantastic venue for premiering our feature documentary, PABLO.  From the moment we arrived we were embraced by the festival organizers and the entire film-loving community in Wichita.  I hope to bring my next film back to this wonderful and vibrant festival!" - Jeremy Goldscheider, Producer, PABLO

"You can go to Sundance, but they don't have loose meat sandwiches.  You can go to Toronto, but there's no crock pot full of artichoke dip when you get there.  Does Cannes have maple-bacon donuts?  Forget it.  SXSW has beer, but you have to stand on line with a bunch of musicians to get one.  All in all, Tallgrass has the best films of the year, not to mention the warmest people and the greatest audiences.  And sweet, sweet Wichita.   If I ever have the energy to make another movie, I hope they invite me back." - Stephen Kessler, Director, PAUL WILLIAMS STILL ALIVE


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