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Down to the Wire Showcase Winners!

Emerging Student Filmmaker Award: Team # 9: AGENT OF CHANGE, Director/Producer Levi Feil
Student Filmmaker Award: Team #6: PHO HOT LOVE: Producer Joey Laurie/Director Jackson Laurie

1st Place: PLENTY OF YOU TO GO AROUND - Team # 22
2nd Place: LEMON PARADE - Team # 18
3rd Place: GRIN & BEAR IT -Team # 8

Audience Award: LEMON PARADE  - Team #18 (Producer/Director Shane Konicki)

Team 14: FOOD CON (Producer Patrick Calvillo/Director Ian Blume)
Team 9: AGENT OF CHANGE  (Producer/Director Levi Feil )(Student: Middle School)
Team 16: MACK (Producer/Director DJ Canfield)
Team 18: LEMON PARADE  (Producer/Director Shane Konicki)
Team 4: FRESH FRUIT & YOGHURT (Producer Brent Duncan/Director Tim Rogers)
Team 8: GRIN AND BEAR IT (Producer Brooke Russell/Directors Alex Thomas & Justin Cary)
Team 19: THE EQUATION (Producer Eelinh Torrell/DirectorKerry Burrow)
Team 1: FRANK GARRETT: OFFICE RAIDER (Producer Greg Steinert/Director Chris Steinert)
Team 22: PLENTY OF YOU TO GO AROUND (Producer/Director Nick Brown)
Team 6: PHOT HOT LOVE (Producer Joey Laurie/Director Jackson Laurie)
Honorable Mention - Team 20: OFF THE BEAT  (Proudcer Naythan Smith/Director Andre Kahmeyer)

Best Use of Plot Device - The Plot Twist: Team #21 : The Theifs (Producer/Director Dan Overholt)
Best Use of Character Archetype: Team #19 : The Equation (Producer: Eelinh Torrell/Director: Kerry Burrow)
Best Use of Location - The Closet: Team #6 : Pho Hot Love (Producer Joey Laurie/Director Jackson Laurie)
Best Use of Genre: Team #1 : Frank Garrett: Office Raider (Producer/Director Jeremy Alessi)
Best Screenplay: Team #9 : Agents of Change (Producer/Director Levi Feil)
Best Production Design: Team #20 : Off The Beat (Producer: Naythan Smith/Director: Andre Kahmeyer)
Best Makeup & Hairstyling: Team #5 : Acid Dad (Producer: Megahn Synder-Gordon/Director: Brian Gordon)
Best Costumes: Team #14 : Food Con (Producer: Patrick Calvillo/Director: Ian Blume)
Best Editing: Team #8 : Grin & Bear It (Editor: Alex Thomas)
Best Visual Effects: Team #27 : Shifted (Producer: Connor Seybert/Director: Nick Connell) (College Students)
Best Soundtrack: Team #18 : Lemon Parade (Producer/Director Shane Konicki)
Best Cinematography: Team #22 : Plenty of You To Go Around (Producer/Director Nick Brown)
Best Ensemble Cast: Team #15 : Staples (Producer: Bryce Camp/Director: Jordan Horsch)
Best Actress: Team #16 : Mack : Kacy Nash
Best Actor: Team #22 : Plenty Of You To Go Around: Mark D Anderson

4th Annual Down to the Wire: 24 Hour Film Race

For the fourth consecutive year, Tallgrass Filmmakers Lab and CreativeRush unite for DOWN TO THE WIRE: A 24 Hour Film Race, presented by Bethany College at Mindfire. In 2014, 31 teams raced and more than 800 people showed up to support Wichita’s filmmaking community at the Top 10 Film Showcase.

The race takes place from June 12-14 and participants can enter on their own as a team of one or with up to fifteen people. Teams have 24 hours to write, produce, shoot and edit a short film that is six minutes or less. All films are required to include elements that are randomly selected at the beginning of the race.

This year’s race will allow teams to shoot their films during the daylight hours as the race time runs from 7:00 am on Saturday to 7:00 am on Sunday. (See below for full schedule.) A mandatory Director’s meeting will kick off the event on Saturday morning.

A 5 person jury will screen each film and select the top ten, which will then be showcased at the Orpheum Theatre at 7:00 pm on Sunday, June 14th. The showcase is open to the public (GA tickets: $10 online/$12 at the door). A VIP Panel of judges will live critique each film and the winners will receive prizes as listed below.

DTTW is presented by Bethany College at MindFire, with additional sponsorship from Vimeo, the Wichita Orpheum Theatre, The Arts Council, KMUW, KWCH and ALT 107.3.

For a full description of rules and regulations visit DTTWFilmRace.com.

Registration Information

Race Schedule

  • Thursday, June 4, 7:00 pm: Filmmakers Toolbox Workshops, 7:00 pm at Mindfire Academy (more info coming soon)
  • Friday, June 12, 6:30 pm: Producer’s Meeting (Mindfire Academy, 4031 E. Harry)

  • Saturday, June 13, 6:30 am: Director’s Meeting (Mindfire Academy, 4031 E. Harry)

  • Saturday, June 13, 7:00 am: DTTW Film Race Begins

  • Sunday, June 14, 6:00 - 7:00 am: Film Drop Off (TFA office, 212 N. Market)

  • Sunday, June 14, 7:00 pm: DTTW Top 10 Showcase (Orpheum)


  • Grand Prize ($17,000 value): $1,000 Filmmaking Grant from Vimeo, Gala screening at the 13th annual Tallgrass Film Festival, 5 Transferable Filmmaker Passes for registered team members the 13th annual Tallgrass Film Festival, 15-day’s worth of studio time at Bethany College at Mindfire (including use of cameras, green screen, iMac work stations with Adobe Master Collection and Audio Suite with Pro-Tools)

  • Audience Award ($1,000 value): 5 Transferable Filmmaker Passes for registered team members and inclusion as an Official Short Film Selection at the 13th annual Tallgrass Film Festival

  • 2nd Place ($250 value): 10 Opening Night Gala tickets for up to 13th annual Tallgrass Film Festival

  • 3rd Place ($250 value): 10 Closing Night Gala tickets for 13th annual Tallgrass Film Festival

  • Student Film ($820 value): $500 cash prize,  plus 4 transferrable Student TALLPass for registered team members for the 13th annual Tallgrass Film Festival. Sponsored by The Arts Council.

  • Emerging Student Filmmakers* ($2,600 value): $300 cash prize and inclusion in the Emerging Student Filmmaker Program at the 13th annual Tallgrass Film Festival (includes one complimentary ticket for each registered team member) and one complimentary class at Bethany College at Mindfire for the winning team’s director. Sponsored by The Arts Council.

*Teams eligible for the Emerging Student Filmmakers must be comprised of elementary, middle or high school students.

Prizes offered by Tallgrass Film Association and Bethany College at MIndfire will be handled directly by each organization.

All films completed may be submitted for consideration into 13th annual Tallgrass Film Festival no later than September 1 with no entry fee.

Get A Leg Up at the Filmmaker's Toolkit Workshops

Join past racers and industry professionals for the Filmmaker's Toolkit where you'll get Down to the Wire tips and tricks, on Thursday, June 4 at 7:00pm at Bethany College at Mindfire (3805 E. Harry.) All ages welcome. $5.

These workshops will not be filmed, recorded, or available at another time. It is not required for registration. They are designed to give you every possibility for a strong filmmaking team and film. Those who are not racing in Down to the Wire are also welcome to join these workshops!

  • Chemistry Behind the Camera: Roles of a Solid Filmmaking Team (Advisor: Wade Hampton)

    Filmmaking is a collaborative art form – where the film gets written, the choreography of the scene to be shot, and then edited many times over before you end up with a finished product. But the technical and logistical elements needed to make a film are often complex and overwhelming. Maybe you haven’t ever made a film before or you’ve goofed off with friends, but creating a short film in just a matter of hours can be stressful. Join us for this workshop to learn the roles and responsibilities of a solid filmmaking team!

  • Directing Actors for Camera (Advisor: Shane Wallace & Shanna Berry)

    Learn to cast, rehearse, block, and direct a team of actors in a short scene

  • Makeup & Design (Advisor: Taylor Driggers/TNT Effects)

    Instructor will demonstrate how to alter facial features through using shade and light such as aging and how to bring out certain features or recede others.

  • Boom & Audio Tricks + Light on the Cheap (Advisor: Kevin Keplar & Jake Fisher)

    This is an intensive, hands-on workshop for filmmakers who want to learn Simple, Fast and Effective techniques to tell a story without a big budget or crew.

3rd Annual Down to the Wire: 24 Hour Film Race Results

Of the 31 teams that raced in this year's Down to the Wire: 24 Hour Film Race, 29 completed and turned in films. Combined team members and their crews totaled 310 Wichitans who participated in the making of these movies over 24 hours. 820 community members showed up to support their efforts. Big thanks to our presenting sponsor Blacktop Nationals and our VIP Judges Jason Opat, Anita Cochran and Shawn Rhodes. Below, find a list of Top 10 Showcase films, Student, Audience and Judges winners. See you next year!

This year's required elements:

  • Character: A Short Haired Cat Rancher
  • Action: walk like an Egyptian
  • Location: Downtown Wichita Bridge (1st/2nd St., Maple St. or Douglas Ave.)
  • Prop: A unique car for each team courtesy of Blacktop Nationals
  • Genre: Western, RomCom, Film Noir, Adventure, Coming of Age, Spy Film, Thriller, Creature Feature, Musical, Fantasy or Fictional Biopic (chosen randomly by each team.)

TOP 10 SHOWCASE (in no particular order)
1. Team #18 - The Good, The Bad & The Furry (Western)
2. Team #13 - Better Luck This Time (Fantasy)
3. Team #1 - The Curse of the Cat (Musical)
4. Team #19 - Le Chat Noir (Film Noir)
5. Team #4 - Pussies (Western)
6. Team #5 - Copy Cat (Fictional Biopic)
7. Team #29 - Clowder (Coming of Age)
8. Team #11 - Catnap (RomCom)
9. Team #12 - Cat Zero (Creature Feature)
10. Team #16 -One Life Left (Adventure)

Emerging Student Filmmaker: Team #26 - Little Kitty in the Big City (Western) Circle High School
Student Filmmaker Team: Team #31  - Dress Xing (Coming of Age)

HONORABLE MENTIONS (Rounding out Top 15:)
Team #15: Conscious (Adventure)
Team #17: From Wichita with Love (Spy Film)
Team #8: Mr Hawthorn's Missing Items (Film Noir)

Audience Award: 1. Team #18 - The Good, The Bad & The Furry (Western)
(Runner up: 10. Team #16 -One Life Left (Adventure)

1st place: Team #5 - Copy Cat (Fictional Biopic)
2nd place:Team #12 - Cat Zero (Creature Feature)
3rd place: Team #16 -One Life Left (Adventure)

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