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Visting Filmmakers & Guests

Each year, scores of visiting filmmakers from around the world and the Heartland descend on the city to present their independent films to Wichita audiences.

Visiting filmmakers participate in Q&A's after their films, filmmaker panels, and festival VIP events.

We encourage filmmakers with films in the festival, and those without, to attend. For information about accomodation discounts for festival attendees and filmmaker passes please email our Hospitality Director. 

Director Alofonso Mayo and star Lou Taylor Pucci at the 2012 screening of THE STORY OF LUKE.

2013 Filmmakers & Special Guests Scheduled to Attend

Feature Filmmakers

  • Mark Covino (Co-Director) - A BAND CALLED DEATH
  • Kerri Garwyn (Director/Producer) - A LOVELY DAY
  • Jessica Partnow (Co-Producer) - BARZAN
  • Sarah Stuteville (Producer) - BARZAN
  • Manuel Oteyza (Producer) - BLACKFISH
  • R.F.I. Porto (Screenwriter) - BLUE CAPRICE
  • Linda Booker (Director/Producer) - BRINGING IT HOME
  • Leif Jonker (Writer/Director) - DARKNESS
  • Brad Bernstein (Writer/Director) - FAR OUT ISN'T FAR ENOUGH
  • Blayne Weaver (Cast) - FAVOR
  • Kelley Baker (Filmmaker Lab Instructor: Sound Design)
  • Krysta Masciale (Filmmaker Lab Instructor: Branding)
  • Stephaine Dziczek (Producer) - FOREV
  • James Leffler (Writer/Director) - FOREV
  • Sean Lyness (Assistant Editor) - GOD LOVES UGANDA
  • James Choi (Director) - GUILT (Tallgrass Filmmakers Lab Project Nano short film)
  • Karen Whitehead (Director) - HER AIM IS TRUE
  • Morgan Nichols (Writer/Director) - HOW TO MAKE MOVIES AT HOME
  • Jason Lapeyre (Writer/Director) - I DECLARE WAR
  • Ian Nelms (Writer/Director) - LOST ON PURPOSE
  • Karyn Rachtman (Music Supervisor) - PULP FICTION
  • Ronnie Yeskel (Casting Director) - PULP FICTION
  • Jason Bailey (Flavorwire Film Editor)
  • Hiram Chan (Co-Producer) - SAKE-BOMB
  • Aileen LeBlanc (Co-Director) - TAKE US HOME
  • Paul Saltzman (Director) - THE LAST WHITE KNIGHT
  • Matthew Pond (Director) - THE LIFE AND CRIMES OF DORIS PAYNE
  • Josh Barrett (Co-Director) - THIS IS WHERE WE LIVE
  • Merete Mueller (Director) - TINY
  • Andrew Bowser (Writer/Director/Cast) - WORM
  • Amy Nicholson (Writer/Director) - ZIPPER: CONEY ISLAND'S LAST WILD RIDE

Kansas Filmmakers

  • Valerie Hubbard - THE BUTCHER'S DOZEN (Encountering Turbulence)
  • Patsy Terrell - THE LANDING (Soar On)
  • Bradley Beenders - STAN HERD (Bringing It Home)
  • Eleanor Wilson - POSSUM (Soar On)
  • Dakota Miller - POOR CHOICE OF WORDS (KS Spotlight)
  • Bruce Blank - UP AGAINST THE WALL (KS Spotlight)
  • Toni Ontiveros, Kai Winikka - BLACK FRIDAY (KS Spotlight)
  • Patrick Rea - WRONG NUMBER (KS Spotlight)
  • Adam Williamson, Geneva Arena - THE DONOR (KS Spotlight)
  • Anthony Bradley, Amy Swenson - A CONVERSATION (KS Spotlight)
  • Erich Rumbach, Chris Barber - FULL SERVICE (KS Spotlight)

Emerging Flmmaker Program

  • Jackson Laurie - THE SLENDER INCIDENT
  • Mariah Hall - WHY NOT?
  • Nick Connell, Tessa Seybert, Conner Seybert, Tommy Milligan - PEARLS